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Long Time Coming

Buy a copy at Gumroad                   ●                 Buy a copy at Lulu Hunter Wyatt Strong, son of Samson Strong, owner of Muscle City Wrestling and Muscle City Boxing wants to wrestle!  The young man of 24 and middleweight wants his debut match to be against Russian heavyweight, Alexi Volkov! Samson agrees to the match and sets up Hunter to wrestle on the next Friday Night Wrestling show with sex stakes.  He also issues a direct order to Alexi: wrestle Hunter and let him win.  With no option buy comply, the Soviet slammer agrees to the boss' demands and prepares himself to wrestle that Friday night. Wielding a gold paddle worth a fortune, hollowed out with a dollar sign, Hunter struts down the aisle as Prince Pain, ready to deliver punishment to anyone foolish enough to step into his ring!  Alexi faces a difficult prospect as he presses pecs with his boss' son, knowing that his victory would bring his firing and his defeat would give the younge