Hercules' Beach Brawl

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Ares, god of war and half-brother of the mighty Hercules, has decided to go against Zeus' wishes to defeat Hercules with a champion of his own!  It's Tarok, the king of the jungle, who he chooses to do battle with the demigod.

On a tropical beach just outside the wild man's domain, Hercules falls from the sky onto Tarok.  The jungle champion misinterprets his sudden arrival as an attack and a threat to his kinghood!

This story includes an alternate ending.

62 page PDF   ||   Originally created: May 28, 2018


  1. This week, I've only just discovered the worlds of Barbaric Brawn and Lucky Stallion, and already I can't get enough.

    Not since I first discovered the jawdropping universe of the IFNB and the careful, detailed muscle classicism of Priapus of Millet have I been so seized with the kind of aroused frenzy that only a bodybuilding fan knows when he (or she) stumbles across muscle pay dirt.

    How long has this been going on??!! It would seem for nigh onto 8 years. I wonder why I never stumbled across links that brought me here before? Is this muscle universe so sealed off?

    No matter. I'm here now, and I've already bought everything on the table. And I am not disappointed, either.

    I acknowledge I am not so much a wrestling fan (though I get it, and was captivated by Netflix's GLOW), though I can easily see that real muscle wrestling fans staggering across this particular threshold might convulse and die happy at the detailed panoramic depictions of superheavyweight brawny bruisers flying through the air, crushingly landing on their opponents, slugging and scissoring and hurling and squatting their way to victory.

    I'll have more to say in future posts, but as for this particular muscle outing, here's the good:

    1) The beach backgrounds are clear, well-rendered from the 3D universe, bright and never distracting, even if they do lack the central wit and invention of Lucky Stallion's wrestling backgrounds,

    2) The so-called plot (Ares, the muscular ginger God of War and older brother - though he doesn't look it - am I right? - of the bearded Hercules) wants to temporarily banish younger bro from Olympus for reasons that are amusing but don't require too much reading or thought - sort of like an old musical comedy where the play itself is no-matter and acts merely as a string that holds together the powerful production numbers.

    3) The art is much improved from the already perfectly acceptable art of Lucky Stallion's early 2012 and 2013 muscle panoramas. Practice makes perfect......There is particular attention given to the satisfying shape of the pectorals, which too often in the past appeared breast-y. (Yeah, I may be new here, but I've already downloaded everything and bought a lot in the store. By the way, I recommend if you're a muscle fan, get your credit card ready. This stuff is the gift that keeps on giving.)

    Here's the very good:

    1) The central brawl gets started right off, with a notable display of the aforementioned perfect pecs and glutes in nearly every panel.

    2) The penises are big and juicy and perfectly displayed - and MUCH larger than in the past.

    3) The usual alternate ending is amusing, with promises of more to cum, as it were.

    Here is (for me, I acknowledge) the slightly disappointing:

    1) I love the way that Lucky Stallion depicts cocksucking, often in closeup (which, for me, is the point), but it is generally offered up only in defeat, with the loser submitting to the victor, and exists in closeup detail only in a single panel. Sigh. I can't tell the artist what to do, and I am guessing it takes hours and hours to render that single panel. But still. I feverishly search for these moments, and then go back and absorb the rest of the story.

    2) This story feels slightly incomplete. And there are no face punches thrown. Lucky Stallion is not shy about face punching, which I find hot in my comics, although there's never any damage. How about the occasional shiner?

    3) Spanking - one of my fave tropes - can never go on too long. Like cocksucking.

    These caveats are mild, and I've probably already written too much here. It's extraordinary stuff. G'wan, buy it. Buy it now. It's about the same price as a beer and less than a beer and a burger.

    Fantasy Muscle Worship - if you can't get the real thing - doesn't get much better than this. And it makes the output from Class Comics look like the disappointment is really has become.

  2. I may not be able to read this online, but I DO like what I see. Many thanks for the lusty stud-hunks you've drawn (especially, Hercules, Tuskar, He-Man, Conan, and Talro).


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