Jungle Justice

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Having won his battle against fellow native, O'rah, Tarok became the Jungle King and ruled over the harsh wild as its leader.  One day, some years later, Kuren, Tarok's son, happened upon a devastating sight: a clearcutting of the lush jungle and destruction of its plantlife!  Even stranger yet was who was leading the campaign... O'rah!  Kuren raced back into the dark jungle to warn Tarok.

It's in the middle of a holy site that Tarok confronts the other man responsible for the clearcutting... with O'rah lurking close by.  Muscle is pitted against muscle as the two opposing forces clash, with great stakes and the future of the jungle hanging in the balance!

This story includes an alternate ending and a bonus assortment of seven panels.

85 page PDF   ||   Originally created: August 20, 2017


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