Challenge Accepted

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It was a warm summer day when Fábio and Gabriel, better known to their fans as the Brazilian Bodyslammers, were watching the Wrestle Report and catching up on what was going on in their profession around the world.  When Alexi and Ryan came on screen, Fábio looked to his identical twin and smiled.  "Hey..." he asked, patting Gabriel's deltoid and licking his lips.  "Think they'd wrestle us?"

With one call to their manager, they issued a challenge to the hottest pair in pro wrestling.  True to their word to take on anyone who dared step in the ring, Alexi and Ryan accepted the Bodyslammers' challenge.  One month later, the arena was packed with roaring fans, eager to watch the hotly-anticipated match!

This story includes an alternate ending.

91 page PDF   ||   Originally created: November 26, 2016


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