Rematch: Alexi vs Gorilla

After the events of Olympian Knockout, Alexi Volkov, holder of the World Heavyweight Championship title belt, had been a man plagued with doubt about his abilities in the ring.  His first-ever defeat and the subsequent butt-buster breeding at the hands of Gorilla George Brogan had left Alexi's ego bruised beyond repair.  The blond Russian needed redemption.

When Gorilla got wind of Alexi's request for a rematch, the Aussie stud could hardly wait to get back into the ring and have a second helping of the Soviet champion's tight ass.  But this time he wanted much, much more.  Gorilla demanded that Alexi also put his title belt on the line.  The world champion breathed a deep sigh, clenched his fists, and accepted the counteroffer.  And with that, the high-stakes rematch was on!

This story includes an alternate ending, bonus panels, and character profiles.

149 page PDF   ||   Originally created: April 20, 2015


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