The New Warriors

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Oma and Kuru of the Roganog tribe both share the same birth moon, and on their 20th year, both are qualified to receive the blessing of Chibuike, the tribe’s god of muscle and courage.  However, Chibuike will only grant one Roganog his blessing per year.  Umo, their chieftain, urges either Oma or Kuru to step aside and allow his brethren to become the tribe’s newest warrior.  But neither will yield.

Theirs is a rivalry that burns hot, and with the challenge set by Umo, it is a rivalry that will finally be put to rest.  Only one will triumph, and he who fails will become the slave of his dominator... for 12 more moons.

This story includes an alternate ending.

73 page PDF   ||   Originally created: March 21, 2017


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