Tag Team Triumph: Part 2

The night after the events of Gorilla and Goliath's brawl in the ring with Alexi and Ryan, the American wrestler decided to head to a nearby bar.  With Alexi's sudden flight back to Moscow, the massive man known as Goliath decided to give his foe that evening a pep talk and tell him a tale of one early match against a foe just as big as himself...

From across the world came Zulon to challenge the mighty Goliath in the ring.  Simply for the honor of his tribe, Zulon was pleased when the Aussie pro wrestler chose him.  Zulon proved an exciting match for Goliath.  Free of a referee's interference and oiled-up, the two titanic males clashed in the ring!

54 page PDF   ||   Originally created: May 17, 2016


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