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Olympus vs Asgard: Part 2

Buy a copy at Gumroad                   ●                 Buy a copy at Lulu High up over the lands dwelt upon by mortal men, Zeus, Odin, Hercules, and Thor had waged high-stakes wrestling in the ring centered in the Grand Arena on Mount Olympus.  With control over Mount Olympus, Odin drained and transferred the powers and might of the Olympian gods and goddesses to the Asgardians. But one Olympian did not heed the call of the Allfather and new king of Olympus. Infuriated by the defeat of Hercules and Zeus, Ares, the god of war, vowed to find a way to return power back to Olympus and punish the Asgardians for their insolence! This story includes an alternate ending, new text segments, and new and remastered panels. Also check out the Part 1 and Part 2 Bundle at Gumroad!   Thanks for your support! 153 page PDF   ||   Originally created: May 31, 2021